Do I need content before I get started?

You don't have to wait to have your content before contacting us and we can give helpful advice in putting content together. However essentially you will at some point need some content to go on the website so it is worth thinking about this from the outset.

Are there any other costs that we need to know about?

No. The prices we give on our prices page are to initially provide a website with up to 10 pages of content. From that the site can be developed further using our update packages.

we already have a domain name, can we use it?

Yes that's not a problem. We can provide help in getting the domain configured to connect with your new site.

Who owns the website?

You own any website content and your domain. We own the design and the code that runs the website.

What does the annual fee cover?

The ongoing fee covers any hosting costs and domain renewals as well as any content update time or maintenance time depending upon the package you have chosen.

What happens if I want to cancel?

Just let us know you want to cancel and we will let the site expire. We don't charge a cancellation fee.